Sunday, March 27, 2011

Give them money because they are awesome.

     Japan Week was spectacular. I did not end up doing many modern Japanese things because there is so much to do and explore in the traditional aspects. My only attempt was to dress in the Japanese style of Kawaii (cutesyness). It did not go quite as planned because I realized that I have almost nothing with lace and bows or ruffles. Well, my makeup was cute anyway. Pearly pink eyeshadow, no eyeliner and giant lashes.        
     The first day of Japan week was spent doing research. I read online and looked at books that I have. I decided to adapt a Geisha look, have a cherry blossom viewing party, take time for a tea ceremony every day and  make Japanese food. Plus I reread Samurai's Garden which is an amazing book. If you have the time I suggest you read it twice.  Or once. Twice is better.
     Geisha (literally meaning art person) have long been an obsession of mine. I had lots of fun adapting a geisha style into a wearable look for every day. I know not all of you are makeup junkies, but just in case you are curious- I used concealer, foundation and powder to create the look of flawless skin. Then I put on a yellow eyeshadow to just above my crease. Geisha themselves don't wear yellow, but it was keeping with the spirit of spring which is something they definitely do. Geisha have colors, patters and fabrics they can wear for each season and they are not to be mixed. No light blue in summer. No maple leaves in spring. Kyoto help you if you wear the wrong color collar. So I kept with spring. Then I outlined the outer corners of my eyes with pink. I put on a dark liner and mascara and brushed my eyebrows. My hair was a tight bun decorated with a pink ribbon and a sparkly butterfly clip.
     My cherry blossom viewing was smaller than hoped. Just me and a co-worker. It was nice to take time in a hectic day to observe and contemplate beauty. I felt the same way about the tea ceremony. Carefully preparing tea in order to honor the beautiful, fleeting moments of life is a great way to remember the nice parts of life and not get consumed by the trivialities of stress. I used Tazo Green Tips for the tea. Not the most authentic, but highly tasty. They put lemongrass in with the green tea leaves for a more complex taste. I suggest that you at home try making your favorite tea (or coffee) slowly and mindfully. Smell it before you steep. Be careful of the temperature. Savour the moment of creating something that you can enjoy.
     The food was fine. My skills and Japanese food aren't that great and so there is nothing worth mentioning. Except Pocky. Where have you been all my life? Little crunchy cracker sticks covered in chocolate. Yum+.
I will leave you with a haiku by Basho, the most famous poet of the Edo era.

I am one
Who eats his breakfast,
Gazing at morning glories.


BeeSnow said...

This blog keeps getting better. I can't wait for pictures!

treasureislandcrafts said...

Here's my haiku for you:
Daughter of my heart
Each day is full of surprise
Hold your breath-dive in