Saturday, January 22, 2011

The end of crafts week

    I really thought this week would be more fun than it was. I gave myself time to work on whatever projects I wanted to. In the end it was good to get some things finished, but it was not the week of inspiration like last week was. I did make a few new things that I like. The first project I worked on were bookmarks. You know I read a ton, often several books at a time so I made bookmarks that really wedge in the book and don't fall out. Also they don't have dolphins or fairies or anything corny like the ones at the bookstore. Here are my faves.

     I also made card books. I was fortunate enough to recieve lots of cards over Christmas, so I decided to bind them together. I just made a cute cover, laminated it, lined up all the cards and cover and then hole punched them. On the back cover I put information like where it was and important things I want to remember when I look back on Christmas. I like it so much I went back and made card books for my 21st birthday, graduation and surgery.

     Next week: All about fish. Cleaning, cooking, et. al.

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treasureislandcrafts said...

Did you find the card and box of presents for Christmas that I left on your Mom's back porch? I sure hope so because if you didn't it is still there and getting mighty ripe by now.