Monday, January 10, 2011

Week 1: Read a classic

     I hate when I am watching a movie or in a conversation and do not understand the references. It is not as bad if the reference is from a bad TV show because you can say something snotty like, "I only watch programs of a scientific nature," or, "Television is the bane of the modern era." But, when it is a reference to a classic book- man that sucks. So I started the year with 'read a classic' week.
     The first book I picked was Lord of the Flies. It was interesting and I wish I had someone to really discuss it with. Is it bad that every time it talked of the boar's head on the stick I craved barbecue? The symbol of human fear and depravity made me want to run down to Jim and Nick's for a pulled pork sammy.
     Anyway... The book is fairly short and I have a little too much time on my hands so I decided to read another. This time I picked The Invisible Man. It was so engaging that I read it in a day. It is not a hard read if you can get past the British slang. Again, I would like to discuss the themes of the book with someone, but don't know anyone who has read it recently (I never thought I'd miss lit class). Second book done and it was only Wednesday.
     So, to fill out the week, I decided to read The Lost World. They don't make adventures like that anymore. If they do, I have yet to read one. Part of the reason I liked it so much is because I am enamoured with the fancy pantsy social rules of the time-period. Everything so proper. I don't know that I would like to live like that, but reading about it is fascinating. If you decide to read a classic this year, I suggest this one. I was never bored or overly horrified.
     I know it seems like I am being a show off reading three books in a week. I could have gone with something tougher. But I wanted at least to achieve the first week's  goal. Plus every time I looked at War and Peace I gagged a little.

Next week (actually this week): Write a novel.

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treasureislandcrafts said...

Lord of the Flies-kind of reminded me of teaching middle school all those years. Those hallways were brutal sometimes.
The Invisible Man-If you could be invisible in ANY time and ANY place, where would you choose? I think I'd like to sort of look over the shoulder of some great diva onstage during their heyday-maybe Aretha Franklin or Tina Turner, yes...Tina Turner. I wouldn't be expected to do anything or sing since I would be invisible, but I could experience it like they do.