Sunday, February 6, 2011

So ends video game week.

     This week I spent way too much time with Mario. I am now seeing bricks and coins in my head. I dream of castles where you have to escape the rising lava while avoiding flying turtles. Plus, I'm pretty sure that I need glasses and blood pressure medication now. Despite all that, I enjoyed the week. I could come home, veg out and play games without shame. Ben (BF) helped by also playing video games. His game of choice was Worms. He is more skilled than I am at games.
     In the middle of mad gaming I had to take a day off. I was getting so frustrated at being stuck that I had to take a day and cool down. My thumbs were sore and I was jumpy in real life. It  was like an owl was gonna come out of nowhere and kill me in real life.  I had to be vigilant. After my day off from Mario, I got much better. I easily beat the level I was on a progressed several more.
     So did I beat the game? Sadly, no. I got to world 8-6. I had one more world, one castle and then the big end battle to complete. So i feel overall good about my accomplishment. I hope that it helped my hand eye coordination (but I doubt it). Will I finish the game anyway? Yes, after a week or so off. I'm afraid that my brain would explode if I tried it now.

Next week: In honor of upcoming Valentines day it is going to be chocolate week.

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treasureislandcrafts said...

I never really "get" video games. For a while I was hooked on online scrabble at think)but that was only because I couldn't get anybody to play Scrabble with me in real life. English teachers need recreation too, doggone it!