Sunday, July 3, 2011

I think I am forgetting a title

     This week was fantastic. I watched at least one documentary everyday (sometimes more) and then discussed what I learned with Ben. Well, I told him about it while he brushed his teeth or shaved. That way he had to stay and listen.

Appalachian Trail (National Geographic)- This had the most beautiful cinematography. It talked about the Appalachian trail and the people who walk it. There was not a whole lot of history, but the scenery alone is worth the watch.

Ancient New York (History Channel) This was interesting, but more of a pop documentary with cool graphics. Did you know that NY was a sea? And then was landlocked? And then had a giant glacier that move 4 FEET PER DAY? Well it was, it was, and it had.

Sawfish (Nat Geo) I only caught part of this one. They tried to make you like these fish, but it made me never want to go into the ocean again.

Very Young Girls (Shotime) THIS IS NOT FOR EVERYONE. It was so moving that i cried over 50% of the movie. The average age that girls start prostitution is 13. 13. 13. I bet you have a niece or daughter or cousin that is that age. Some come from broken homes, some are abducted and brainwashed. ALL ARE ABUSED AND SEXUALLY EXPLOITED. This is a film about those girls and the struggle to "get out of the life." Are there answers how to fix it? Not really.

Conan Can't Stop (Pariah) Do not expect the Conan that you see on TV. This is about his tour that arose from the contract that said he could not be on TV, Internet or radio for six months. There are many many funny moments. HOWEVER, there are just as many thoughtful and anxious moments. You can never quite tell if he loves what he is doing or hates it all. Although with performers it can be a combo of both.

Freakonomics If you read the book, you don't really need to see this. It is cute, but does not give much more information than the book. If you have not read the book then definitely watch this. It makes you think in different ways than before. Like why do so many women who end up exotic dancers already have names like Candi and Unneeke? Why do real estate agents give you advice that they themselves would not do? How corrupt is the Sumo world?

Food Matters (Permacology Productions) This is an interesting documentary that is ushering me into the new week. it is about the current harmfulness of our food and food industry. The only thing is that it seems like inflated science. Maybe a little stretching of the truth. Have you seen What The Bleep Do We Know? It is the same kind of science that is built off some truth, but is just as much opinion. Although it is hard to tell the difference. That kind of thing can make these documentaries so dangerous. If I did what they said I would go and take 3 or 4 multi vitamins a day. They say doctors are lying when they say that some vitamins are toxic in large doses. But I know that I have read about people who took too much iron and got sick. Fat soluble vitamins especially.

This next week is "food without chemicals" week. Nothing I eat will have colors, preservatives, processed sugar or any other of the crazy stuff. Only real, whole foods. I will urge you to try this for one day. It is a lot harder than even being vegan. It will open your eyes to what we eat.

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Casey said...

So, if you liked the Sawfish documentary, try the one about the irukandji jellyfish. They're itty bitty and live off the coast of Australia. One sting will kill you. It had me more afraid of the ocean than Jaws.