Thursday, August 18, 2011

Peaches, cruddy peaches.

     So this last week was write a play week. I decided to write a play that is representative of life in the generation that got lucky enough to graduate in tanking economy and cruddy political field. So here is the introduction section.

(It starts with a back lit stage. You can see the silhouette of mortarboards and a student standing at a lectern)

Valedictorian: As you move into the future, never forget the things you stand for, the beliefs you stand on or the friend that stand behind you.

(Applause and people throw their hats. The stage gets completely dark but you can hear a a group of girls talking.)

Bethany: I’m so glad I’m getting out of this place and into a city. If I hear one more person talk about getting married or the kids they are going to have I’m going to puke.

Veera: I know.  Just thinking of living here all my life and working at Kroger’s makes me want to kill myself.

Lorna: No worries. We’re going to good colleges and so we will get good jobs and be able to live a real life. Then we can laugh while we twirl our diamonds.

Bethany: Or better yet never come back.

      I hope that you can read the unrealistic optimism in that. I hope it sounds like  the high hopes you had when leaving high school. It is kind of hard to post more because the next pieces are longer or really short. So, if you are interested in any more, in seeing the decay of modern optimism, please let me know.
      This week has been paint your summer week. I have had these ideas of painting I want to create. However, I have spent the last three days sick and in a NyQuil induced haze. So all I have is one painting of peaches. Cruddy peaches that look like electric tangerines. So onward I go.
    If you painted summer, what would you paint? If I ran a competition, what would you want to win?


treasureislandcrafts said...

In crisis mode here. Please call me.

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