Sunday, November 6, 2011

Next week will be better

     Here is another little squid tidbit- A squid's brain is shaped like a donut and its esophagus runs trough the middle. If it eats something too big for its esophagus, it suffers brain damage. That is how I feel around meatloaf or jelly donuts. One bite and I have enough brain damage to eat the rest.
     On to the rest of the show. This was no television week. It was a supreme failure. I watched TV everyday. Here is how it played out:
Monday- I watched the Simpsons Halloween Special. 30 min.
Tuesday- I came in and Ben was watching TV. I wanted to hang out with him, so I watched. 45 min
Wednesday- A friend was featured in a TV show so I had to watch. 1 hour
Thursday- BONES season premier!!! 1 hour
Friday-  Watched a new episode of Regular Show On Demand. 15 min.
Saturday- The game was on. I guess I wasn't actually watching because I don't like football, but it was on.

     You know what I found out? I don't actually watch that much TV. It is mostly just background noise. I thought I'd have all this spare time and get so much done. But I didn't. If I was tired I would just sit and stare or listen to music. I wasn't any more active.
    I know that all of you have heard the people bragging that they are so intelligent/cool/cultured that they don't have a TV. But what does that really mean? For me, in the end, it meant listening to more music. Not smart music like jazz or classical. Just regular entertainment stuff. So am I a better person for not watching much TV for a week? Nope. Are they? Probably not. Just more arrogant.
     So this is a dual week. It is no added sugar week AND craft like crazy week. I have had so much sugar (Read: Halloween candy that was not given away) that i have to go without or I just might go into sugar shock. And I need to craft like crazy to get to ready for Christmas. Most people are getting handmade this year. And I'm trying to make some cute stuff to wear. Brooches, hairpins, etc for being festive for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Yay!

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