Friday, December 16, 2011

So sleepy, so slow.

     I am like waaaay behind on my blogging. I realize now that  I didn't even tell you what last week was. It was short story week, I know a lot of these have been writing weeks lately, but that is a direction I'm headed. I have love my painting weeks, but have very little natural talent at it. Actually it is really frustrating to me right now. That's why I'm writing more.
     This week has been hard on me. I have been working a ton more than usual. So much so that I nearly nodded off in traffic. The good news is that is was in traffic and not while I was moving. The car got so warm and the radio started playing "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby and my eyelids started to droop- hard.
     To keep from falling into a grumpy mood I am making this week compliment week. I give compliments to people when I think them. But they can never be insincere. Most people love to hear that you like their hair, clothes, makeup, or anything really. Well, the woman at the bank who smelled nice didn't like the compliment that much. But if you don't want someone to think you smell good, why wear that much perfume? It wasn't like I was too close to her in line or leaning over her shoulder. I was walking behind her. She stopped to open the door and held it open for me and I told her she smalled nice.
     I really hope that you try compliment week. It not only makes other people feel good, but it harbours good will and makes you fell better about life in general.

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I love your blog...that's my compliment. Cindar