Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A week cut short

     I loved compliment week. It definately kept me from getting too grumpy. I hope it made some people's day better, too. I know that some of you gave mecompliments and it made my day! I don't have too much to tell you about it. You give people compliments. It's more of a lifestyle change than how-to.
    You get a two for one week this time. I'm running out of time to do all I need to, so these are two compatible things that won't take time away from the other.
    I have to admit that I've already cheated on new veggies week. I ate at a restaurant with my friend and they did not have any interesting vegetables. But I did eat a regular veggie with a new spin. I had carrot soup with coconut and crispy shallots. I have also tried pickled mustard seeds. They had the pop like caviar but not the icky fishy taste. I liked them. Nothing else has stood out so far. Jicama tastes like an asian pear. Good, but not exciting.
     Wrapping week is not goign so well. I want to wrap presents like MArtha Stewart, but I don't have time to make all of my wrapping paper out of bleached newspaper and carved potato stamps. I mean, I think they are as cute, but they don't have the tight lines and awesome bows made out of recycled yarn.

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