Tuesday, January 3, 2012

It's the end

        Let me catch up on posts I haven't posted:
       Wrapping week, as those of you who got gifts know, quickly deteriorated. Some of you found globs of hot glue on the top from me trying to add glitter flowers or sprigs of pine. But they never stayed. I tried wrapping them in really cute ribbon in the same style that you see in Victorian movies. Maybe it would have worked better with cloth ribbon, I'm not sure. I do know that it did not look right as it was.
     Another hazard I faced was my cat. Normally fairly docile, he turned into the wrapping monster. He particularly loved the gold ribbon I added to packages. I came home after wor one day to find that he had detached the ribbons from most of the presents. THe ones that were still on the packages were chewed into oblivion. No one wants stinky, cat-chewed bows. So I had to re-wrap or re-ribbon a lot of it.
     I did learn that the trick or wrapping is to keep the ends short and fold it in at the middle first. This probably doesn't make a lot os sense reading it. Let's see if I can do this better. You turn the open ends of the paper towards you and push in the sides (not the top or bottom flap). The top and bottom flaps will fold in. All you have to do is fold under the the raw edges and tape. Ta-da.

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