Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The last project

      So, I bet you expected a nice big post on New Year's eve. Nope. Why? I'm not ready for this to end. This project has been some of the most fun I've had. Sometimes it was super difficult. But it always gave me a goal and something to look forward to. So now, I will reflect.
     As the last project I learned how to publish a book. Well, sort of. I had even less time this week than I usually do (trying to meet up with family I didn't see on Christmas and planning a new year's party). I vaguely know what I have to do to turn this blog into a real, in-your-hands book. Or the book I wrote during this blog into a real, in-your-hands book.
    Looking at it got me thinking, though. How will I make this a book that will actually mean something to more than just my friends? I think that with the right writing, it can be what it was to me- a life boat in a big open sea of fright.  There are a lot of people out there who are still in the position I was in at the start of the year- Jobless, directionless and maybe a little hopeless. When I applied and applied and didn't get a job, I went beyond the fear of running out of money. It became personal. People would say to me "Oh, look at the market, no one is hiring." But it didn't matter. I thought, "I worked hard to be better than everyone else. I went beyond. And still-nothing. Why?"
     Now, a year later, I have a full time professional job, a part time retail job and have managed to put a tiny bit of money in the bank. I feel good in general. Of course, some of that is my awesome friends and family. However, really feeling good about life has come from 1) having a direction and 2) accomplishing things I WANTED to do. They may not be applicable in most situations. When am I ever going to use my knowledge of Victorian toiletries? Unless I discover a time machine and get stuck in Victorian England because the machine is lacking a bulbophonic spring resistor coil- probably never. But I was interested in it and pursued it. Then I was happy and accomplished. And it happened again and again every week. More happy, more accomplishment.
     I hope that if you take anything from this blog, it is a desire to create your own adventure. To pursue your interest-of-the-moment, no matter how esoteric. I know that it doesn't not take money to make a top-notch change in your life. I mean, you probably can't have "caviar tasting week" if you aren't rich. Or "Learn to fly a helicopter week" without some dough. But you can learn to make the best cookies, wrap presents, recreate a painting and a million other things. You can actually take the time to read the newest novel. Or a classic novel. You can take the time to WRITE a novel. It's up to you.
     Now, go, my friends! It's adventure time....

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