Sunday, June 26, 2011

Fuzzy pictures and Status Quo

     Law week was helpful for me and for my work, but good reading? No. It is a lot of technical terms and boring procedures. Nothing you want to hear about unless you are looking for a divorce. Then call me.
      Instead this week I am posting the pics of the beads I made. I have made them into bracelets. Sorry that the pics are fuzzy, but I could not get an up-close and clear photo. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to make that happen without buying a new camera?

Can you see the pink, purple and green swirl?

This is my fave!

I call these tie-dye beads. You could see them if you could see them up close.

Not my fave.
          This is documentary week. I plan to watch documentaries and learn how they are made. I also hope to get ideas for upcoming weeks. Again, I would love your input. Is there anything you know that you can teach me? Other languages? Mad knot tying skills? Dog Whispering?

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treasureislandcrafts said...

Love the beads! Does your camera have a macro setting? It looks like a flower usually. You can get really close up using that. Photographing beads is something I'm working on this summer. How about a photography week of some kind? Or...OOOH-a celebrate the silence week to say goodbye to the cicadas.