Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Last week was so much better

     I know, I know. I've been a bad blogger. I have not updated you with my book, photos of beads or anything. Someday when I'm not blogging on my lunch hour you will get all of those things, but for now.
     Clay week was fun. I only got five colors so my projects are a little limited. Mix colors? Leave it to me to buy unusual colors that all seem to mix to make a shade lighter of the same color or brown. I got Peacock, Olive, Dusty Rose, Pearl and shimmer purple (the actual name escapes me). With these I made several swirl pattern beads. I also delved into caning (not as fun as it sounds). It involves rolling logs of clay with patterns in the middle, slicing them, rolling the slices out and using it to cover a bead base.
     The main problem I had was in baking them. I burned up 1/2 of them. they went from not done to crispy. A few survived. I think it might be my oven because I made some cookies that went from raw to blackened in the lowest prescribed time on the tube. I think it may be because the oven is as old as I am.
     I also had a little issue with making holes in the beads and not squishing them to funny shapes. That might be solved with better equipment, but I didn't want to invest a ton in something I wasn't sure I would like.
     This week has been named by itself. It is law week. One of the women in my office went on vacation and I am standing in. This has meant that I've had to learn more about the process and all of the cases. I've been reading up outside of work trying not to look too stupid while at work. So I decided to make a week of it and go all out. However, I don't like this week so far and I am ready for it to be over. But it will make me better at my job.
     "Boo being a grown up. Hurray imagination!"

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treasureislandcrafts said...

Can't wait to see your beads. Some afternoon when you don't have to work come to the house and we will make beads. My bead-piercing tool is a toothpick. I'll show you how. I've started writing story snippets for each set of beads and posting them on the blog and etsy shop. Are they too obscure?