Sunday, September 25, 2011

On hiatus

     Positivity week was...positive. I found it was much harder than I thought to keep it up. As hard as it is to break the bad habit of negative thinking, it is even harder to keep it up when talking to people. People love talking about how awful their life is.  The only thing people love more is hearing that your life is worse. I'm not kidding at all.More often than not people would get agitated almost to the point of angry if you say that everything is going all right. So I end up saying something negative.
      I did, however try to make different people's day. I sent out a bunch of cards letting people know I love them. I gave some little surprise gifts to people at work who were having a bad week. I also gave one homeless man that waves every morning money with a card to thank him for waving every morning.     
     Other than the people at work, I have no idea if anyone felt better by what I did. I don't exactly know how to feel about not getting a phone call or e-mail or anything from a single person. But I guess that wasn't the point. The point was to do something nice even if I never know the outcome. That's life, right?
     I will be away from this blog for two weeks. I am calling the next two weeks New Mexico Week and and Watercolor week. I will hopefully have lots of great things to give to you at then end of them.

Sending you each lots love!

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