Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Sunday, Monday, Wednesday....whats the difference?

     So I'm updating at the end of my lunch break. You may wonder why I update on lunch so often. It is because after working on a computer all day I really don't want to be on one at home even for recreation. Much of my spare time not being spent on cleaning, the project or finding, preparing and shopping for food is spent napping. That is neither here nor there.
     That being said I owe you some drawing I made during journal week. I like to draw and make diagrams because it can be clearer than descriptions. Sometimes. Sometimes I just like a reason to use markers and crayons.
     This week has been fabric crafts week. I have not actually crafted much so far. I have made a headband and  sewed some buttons back where they were supposed to be. I don't know how we lose so many buttons. But I hope to try out a few things I have seen on different craft websites.
     Next week is going to be a combo week. You will like it when you hear it. Plus, I will be expanding the contest so that even those of you who do not feel artistically inclined can participate.

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