Monday, September 19, 2011

Yes to this week

     Fabric week is officially a success. I managed to make two headbands, two flower decorations, a sachet for my car using my favorite incense and mended some clothes. I know I owe you like ten million pictures, but I promise someday soon to deliver.

      I found a great way to get the right amount of fabric is to buy quilting squares. They are a fair size, but not the yard  that stores often required. I really do not need a yard of fabric to make headbands. While on the subject- does anyone have a good pattern than makes the headbands that look like head scarves? I only have one for tighter headbands.

      I have found that I need a sewing machine. The pattern that I used to make the headbands said that they are so easy you can make a dozen in an hour. When you are sewing by hand, however, it takes considerably longer. And the lines are not always straight. For the people who are to be recipients of headbands as gifts I am just telling them that crooked lines means more love.
      This week is an important week to me. First of all it is don't-think-negatively week. Not only am I trying to think of goof things, I am trying not to think of bad things. It is harder than you think. People like to talk about the crap in their lives and they love to hear that your life is worse. But I'm trying very hard not to do that. The second part of this week is to make someone's day. I try to make at least one person's day every day. Maybe it will be you.
      Just in time for positivity week I got to see Maya Angelou speak at my Alma Mater. I wish I had words to describe how excellent it was. Her over reaching message was "Be the rainbow in someone's clouds." That is what this week specifically about, but I also want to take that with me into the future. One of the things she said that struck me the most was, "Let your gratitude go ahead of you. Let people see how happy you are to be living your life before they ever see you."
      I know there are plenty of you who do not want to participate in making things or reading things or remembering things, but please please try this one with me. Let's work to make the gray world brighter. 

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