Monday, October 17, 2011

Architecture...sort of

               If you read the article about food, then you know I awarded New Mexico a gold medal for consistency. Well, they get gold in architecture, too. All of the buildings look pretty much the same. All of them and square and low- There are no tall buildings. The tallest building would be the hotel we stayed in which was five stories, but even that was unusual.  
                The buildings are all painted one of three shades: Adobe, Terra Cotta or Adobe/Terra Cotta. I really found it amazing just how alike all of the colors were. I mean, most places that I’ve been you can have ten blue houses and none of them are the same shade. I guess that it is possible that the shades aren’t that close and actually just pick up natural shades of the dessert. Therefore they all fit the color scheme so well they just look the same.  Whatever. They match.

                It was cool that the modern styles matched the ancient native built pueblos.  The pueblos are all low and desert colored. You can see a new home and an ancient pueblo and there is only one big difference- pueblos had the door on the roof and you had to use a ladder to get up to it. It was nifty for when there was fighting or bears or annoying visitors. You could just pull the ladder up. Not good for the old, disabled or clumsy.  That is why a few pueblos that are still inhabited have changed that and cut a door in the regular spot.

                I am sure there is a ton more that can be discussed. But overall architecture bores me. So I don’t have much vocabulary to discuss it intelligently. “That building is big,” “It was so pretty,” and “The windows were big,” is about the limit of my architectural knowledge. So it you want to know more look it up or take a vacation.

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