Monday, October 24, 2011

Read about reading

     So, I have to admit, my reading this week was mostly fluff. I have been really into Amish based fiction. I know, it doesn't sound so exciting. But I swear it is! It is kind of calming. The drama is not too stressful and you get to imagine you are living a simple life (without having to do all the extra work that not having electricity brings). Plus I love hearing about all the traditions. Here are a few examples:
  • Weddings are in October and November so as not to disturb harvest.
  • One traditional wedding food is celery casserole- so you know when a person plants a lot of celery one of their daughters is getting married.
  • Some traditional desserts are shoofly pie (made of molasses) and whoopie pie.
  • Courting is all done in secret. Parents do not even know who their child is dating until they "publish" their engagement at church.
  • Until you take the "kneeling vows" (which means joining the church) nothing can be held against you. But after- everything is held against you.
     I finished the last two books out of the three book series. I forget the names. All of them are the same. "The something" where something stands for "Betrayal" "Longing" "Parting" or something like that. It is funny because it's not just one writer either. My fave if Beverly Lewis, but others are good too and have the same type name. Copycats or is there  something special to that style of name and the Amish? I don't know.
     I have started reading a book called "the lost". At least I think. I am bad about titles. It is based on a Jewish myth that there are 36 saints in the world at any time and if there weren't then God would destroy the world. But they are not regular goody-goodies. They are flawed people who teach other people how to live better and be better.  It is interesting, but a little dirty.
     This is squid week. I love squid but have gotten behind on current squid-science. So I am studying all that is new.
     I am thinking about posting some how tos. What do you think? Would you want to read any about how to bake or sew or bead?

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