Thursday, April 7, 2011

Baking week, mini-update

     I didn't announce last week what this week was. It is baking week! So far it is tasty and is earning me friends. I have made Chocolate orange cupcakes and pecan pie. Tonight I'm making brownies. There was one small setback. After the horrible storms here in TN I didn't have power for two days! That made baking next to impossible. Alton Brown would suggest digging a hole, filling it with charcoal an creating crepes on an upside down dutch oven (an actual episode of Good Eats). I'm just not that motivated. So.

     Next week is Vegan week! I have been having more and more trouble with dairy. I've known about my lactose intolerance for a while, but it's getting worse. So I'm going vegan for a week and giving my body a rest. NOW FOR THE CONTEST: Send me your best vegan recipe. The person who sends me the most tasty recipe will be sent a super stupendous prize!


treasureislandcrafts said...

Vegan recipe-hmmm, let's see.
Slice potatoes super thin, soak in ice water. Roll in salted corn meal. Fry in olive oil in properly seasoned iron skillet. Drain on (recycled) paper towel. We called them "mealy potatoes" when I was growing up and ate them on sandwiches.

Hannah said...

Yumm. I think vegan recipes are a little easier than people think. People just get scared and don't think about it.